Abortion Ultrasound Bill Passes Florida House

Floridaís House of Representatives revived a bill that would require any woman seeking an abortion to first receive an ultrasound scan and have the option of viewing it, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

The ultrasound bill has been debated in Florida legislation twice before. Both times it cleared the lower House, and both times it stopped at the Senate, though last year it managed to divide the chamber 20-20.

Republican arguments have stated that the bill helps women seeking abortion to make a more informed decision, but Democratic opponents argue it just adds another hurdle to an already difficult choice.

The bill would require doctors to provide developmental information on the fetus, and allow the woman to waive the option of seeing the scan. It would also provide exceptions to women who were victims of rape, incest, domestic violence or human trafficking.

Florida law already requires an ultrasound scan for abortions more than three months into the pregnancy. This law would push the requirement to the first trimester.

Some would argue that a law like this only provides more information, as well as the chance for a doctor to spot any potential risks, and that any chance a woman might change her mind on an abortion is worth taking. Others argue that it gives the doctor too much control over the woman’s ability to make the decision, and is simply a veiled attempt to bully women into second-guessing themselves after they’ve already made up their minds. What is your take on the issue?

The full story is posted on the Miami Herald Blog.

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