Japanese Company Offering 3D Printout of Your Fetus

Tired of simply showing off that flat black and white ultrasound of your unborn child? A Japanese company called Fasotec is taking 3D printing, ultrasound/MRI technology and general creepiness to a whole new level by offering a 3D resin mold of your gestating child for the low low price of $1,230.

Usingthe now standard practice of 3-D printing, the company takes an MRI of your womb and then uses that MRI to construct a 3D model of the child and prints the model out as a solid white resin. That baby mold is then sealed in a piece of clear resin constructed to look exactly like your uterus (how quaint).

The crystalized bundle of joy comes to be about 90 x 60 x 40 millimeters and arrives in a neat little jewelry box. Perfect for display on your mantle at home you can show off to your friends and family and then one day become a new way to totally embarrass your teenager before prom.

(Source: GeekOSystem)

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