More New Mothers are Choosing to Eat their Placentas

Welcome to the burgeoning business of placenta cooking!

Though technically considered biohazardous waste by the medical community and disposed of after a birth more and more new mothers are asking for their placentas back. There’s no sentimentality involved though, don’t worry. They’re not going to keep them in a scrapbook somewhere. No, they’re just going to eat them.

States like New York allow for hospitals to, at the request of a patient or patients representative, return a healthy placenta for disposition by the patient. They even reportedly wrap it up in a convenient take-home box for you. Then professional placenta preparers like Jennifer Mayer come over and help transform the placentas into supplements that are said to alleviate postpartum depression, aid in breastmilk production and lactation, act as a uterine tonic, and replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy.

“They’re happy pills,” Mayer says. “They’re made by your body, for your body. Why wouldn’t you want to try?”

(Source: NY Mag)

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