New Ultrasound Tool Plugs Into Your Smartphone

A new mobile ultrasound device hitting the market is able to plug directly into your mobile phone… just not any mobile phone you might actually own. Stupid government.

It’s taken the FDA so long to finally approve the MobiUS system–intended to be used in fetal, abdominal, cardiac, pelvic, and peripheral vessel imaging—that it only works with the two-year-old Windows Mobile 6.5-based Toshiba TG01 phone nobody bought in the first place.

Still, the device is rather exciting for its trail blazing mobile capabilities. Now smaller clinics in harder to reach parts of the world have access to state of the art ultrasound technology. Even though the device requires a USB 2.0 port (something most modern iPhones and Android phones don’t support) its makers are already looking into updating the device with tablet-based capabilities.

Cheaper than its nearest competitor GE’s Vscan by about $92,500 the MobiUS system is a slight 5.1 inches by 2.75 inches and weighs just over 11 ounces.

(Source: CNet)

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