10 Outrageous Pregnancy Myths and Urban Legends

Some false pregnancy myths and urban legends, as disproved by Snopes.com:

1. A woman sued a pharmacy because she got pregnant after using contraceptive jelly — which she ate on a slice of toast.

2. During the Civil War, a woman became pregnant after a bullet that had passed through a soldier’s scrotum lodged in her reproductive tract. Son of a gun!

3. Coca-Cola can be useful as a spermicide.

4. A woman was impregnated while swimming in a pool in which male swimmers had recently ejaculated.

5. The birth rate in New York City increased nine months after the 1965 blackout.

6. A baby born during an airplane flight automatically receives free air travel for the rest of his or her life.

7. A woman gave birth to an octopus months after accidentally ingesting octopus eggs.

8. You can determine a baby’s gender before birth based on the color that Drano turns when combined with the pregnant woman’s urine.

9. Overdue mothers can induce birth by eating specific foods.

10. You can’t get pregnant if:

  • It’s your first time having sex.
  • You jump up and down immediately after sex.
  • You have sex during your period.
  • You have sex in the shower.
  • You put a heating pad on your stomach after sex.
  • You have sex with your underpants on.
  • You take 20 Aspirin after sex.
  • The man withdraws before ejaculation.
  • You have sex standing up or with the woman on top.
  • You sneeze after sex.
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