Women Keep Cutting Babies Out of Other Women’s Wombs

In the past six months two ghastly crimes have made headlines across the country involving women murdering pregnant women and cutting the babies out of their wombs.

Earlier this year 33-year-old Kathy Coy was in court on charges of murdering a young woman and cutting out her child with a drywall knife. Apparently Kathy suffered a miscarriage seven months prior and didn’t want to tell her husband and children. Realizing that eventually the secret would come out, Coy turned to Facebook where she met and lured 21-year-old Jamie Stice to her death.

After arranging to pay for baby supplies and help with Stice’s rent, Coy picked Stice up to go shopping one morning and attacked her with a stun gun. She then slit Stice’s throat and wrist and removed the child. She then took the child to a friend’s house who alerted the authorities. Doctors soon realized that the baby was still covered in pieces of female reproductive organs that had been cut out, leaving very little possibility that whomever’s organs they were (and they were clearly not Coy’s) had not and could not have survived the ordeal.

Coy had initially sought out the help of her teenage son and daughter to help her commit the crime. Thankfully they declined. When police later questioned Coy she allegedly told police that her alter-ego ‘Ashley’  killed Stice.

“After a while, she kept saying that Ashley came back with the baby, and detective Allen said ‘there is no Ashley, I believe you’re Ashley.’ And she smiled and said ‘you’re right,'” Winn added.

The baby, named Isaiah, miraculously survived the ordeal and is said to be doing fine.

Then just this week Annette Morales-Rodriguez, 33, was arrested on charges of first-degree intentional homicide while armed and first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child while armed in the death of Maritza Ramirez-Cruz and the boy she was set to deliver next week.

Faced with her own infertility, Morales-Rodriguez planned for weeks to steal a baby and make it her own. nonprofit organization that provides Hispanics with health care and found Ramirez-Cruz. The 23-year-old had just immigrated from Puerto Rico to start a life in America with her boyfriend and her soon-to-be four children when she met Morales-Rodriguez.

Morales-Rodriguez drove Ramirez-Cruz to her house where she beat her to death with a  baseball bat and cut her open with a knife, mimicking a procedure she says she saw on the Discovery Channel.

The baby was not breathing so after dragging Ramirez-Cruz over to hide her body she smeared Ramirez-Cruz’s blood on her thighs to fool people into thinking she herself had just given birth. She called 911 and reported that she had just given birth to a stillborn but subsequent tests immediately revealed that Morales-Rodriguez had in fact not given birth and had not been pregnant at all.

After an autopsy revealed that the baby had not been a product of natural child birth Annette was arrested and placed on an astounding $1 million bail.

Similar cases of women taking an unborn child from a mother’s womb were reported in Massachusetts and Oregon in 2009, in Pennsylvania in 2007, in Illinois in 2006 and Missouri in 2004.

(Source: News Channel 5 / Yahoo News)

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