30 Fastest Growing Jobs in Health Care

Thanks to a larger aging population, advances in technology and a focus on preventative care, health care is the most rapidly expanding industry in the US. Many career options are available in this popular industry, attracting workers from all types of backgrounds.

Here is a projection of the fastest-growing health care jobs between 2006 and 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Occupation Job Growth,
Personal and home care aides 53.0%
Home health aides 46.9%
Medical assistants 36.1%
Pharmacy technicians 31.6%
Dental hygienists 30.4%
Physical therapists 30.4%
Dental assistants 30.3%
Physical therapist assistants 29.7%
Physician assistants 29.6%
Counselors 29.3%
Social and human service assistants 28.9%
Occupational therapists 28.4%
Cardiovascular technologists 25.5%
Registered Nurses 25.2%
Surgical technologists 24.6%
Respiratory therapists 23.4%
Paramedics and EMTs 22.3%
Pharmacists 22.2%
Food servers 20.0%
Ultrasound technologists 19.2%
Medical billing and coding 18.6%
Nurse assistants 18.3%
Management 18.2%
Physicians and surgeons 17.1%
X-ray technologists 15.4%
Administrative support 14.4%
Clinical lab technicians 14.3%
Licensed practical nurses 13.4%
Medical transcriptionists 10.5%
Dentists 7.5%