A Day in the Life of a Sonogram Tech

A sonographer technician who is also known as ultrasound technician executes diagnostics on patients to determine the different issues related to organs and soft tissue. In day to day life, technicians are doing a different type of examination and procedures. Most of the time they are working alone or with the help of a nurse. Ultrasound field is presently demanding profession and people can find a job in all over the United States.

Where can sonogram technician work?

Before we go through in detail of day to day tasks of sonogram technician, let us see at which places they can work.

There are various jobs in medical industries in which ultrasound technician can serve their services. Basically they can find jobs in smaller clinics, in the radiology department in major hospitals, physicians’ office and different other places. There is also raising for traveller sonographers technicians, so hospitals hire them the temporary basis for a few weeks or months.

What are the duties of a sonogram technician in daily life?

The main work of a sonogram technician is to complete preliminary work before the arrival of the doctor to check the patients, so it will make doctors’ or physicians’ work easier. Foremost, they will do an analysis of patients’ situation and plan the procedure of examination and make patient ready accordingly. Let us see what the main tasks they do are in daily routine:

  1. Make patients ready: Accompany patients, explain the process of “taking an ultrasound”, taking images. Once all the setup is ready, call the doctor for further process.
  2. Analyze the results: Check the image quality and review the type and content of images and keep the information for the doctor or radiologist.
  3. Maintain operational equipment:clean the ultrasound systems before the test and after completion of the test. Sonogram technician can do routine maintenance work and make sure the machine is working properly and ready to use for the next patients.
  4. Keep the record:Maintain all the details of each patient’s visit, the diagnosis or treatment suggested.