Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound is majorly used to check the abdominal cavity of the main organs of the human body. Doctors are generally suggested for an abdominal ultrasound on the following situations:

  1. In the situation of a blood clot
  2. If your abdomen organs are enlarging.
  3. If you are suffering from a hernia
  4. If you have unbearable pain in the upper right abdomen.
  5. If you have kidney blockage or kidney cancer
  6. If you have insufferable pain in pancreatitis.
  7. If you are suffering from the kidney stone for a long time.
  8. If the doctor found suspects for liver cancer
  9. If you have intolerable pain in appendix

How should you prepare for Abdominal Ultrasound?

The doctor or hospital staff is asking to change cloth and wear loose-fitting & comfortable cloth. In most of the cases they will ask you to wear a hospital gown. You should remove all jewellery at home or at the examined place. Based on different abdomen ultrasounds, specials preparation can take care as follow:

  1. For examination of the liver, gallabladder, pancreas and spleen; at that time you should eat no fat meal on the evening before the test and not eat before eight to 12 hours before the test.
  2. For kidneys ultrasound, you should drink liquid around four to six glasses before the test, so your bladder fills with it. Your doctor may ask you to avoid eating eight to 12 hours before the test to avoid gas buildup.
  3. For aorta ultrasound, you should leave food before eight to 12 hours of testing.