Obstetrical Ultrasound

Through this ultrasound technique, doctors can also identify if any problems while pregnancy time. This ultrasound technique is done on the following occasions:

  1. To confirm the pregnancy
  2. To check the fetal heartbeat
  3. To decide the approx. date of delivery
  4. Examination of the uterus, placenta, ovaries and cervix
  5. To diagnose miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
  6. Checking of an abnormal growth in the fetus.

How should women prepare for obstetrical Ultrasound?

While this ultrasound tests, a woman’s bladder should be full to get a clear image of the fetus and reproductive organs. The woman is requiring drinking two to three eight-ounce glasses of water an hour before the test. Also, a woman doesn’t allow urinating before the ultrasound test.