Prostate Ultrasound

The doctor can identify the conditions of the prostate. This ultrasound technique is recommended by doctors in the following situations:

  1. If a male’s age is above 40 years
  2. If any unusual symptoms found
  3. In the case of prostate cancer
  4. In the case of trouble in urinating
  5. In the case of blood in urine
  6. Low sperm count
  7. Unusual results from a blood or urine test

How should man prepare for prostate Ultrasound?

There are not many special preparations require for prostate ultrasound test, though doctors might provide some of the instructions as follow:

  1. Shouldn’t eat before a few hours of the test.
  2. Take a laxative or enema to help clear out your intestines
  3. Shouldn’t take any medicine that makes your blood thin like NSAIDs or aspirin before the week of test. This instruction is generally recommended while doctors want to take a biopsy of your prostate.
  4. The doctor might recommend taking any medicine that helps man to relax during the test.