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Diagnostic Medical Sonography is one of the most sought-after careers in healthcare, with Ultrasound Technicians earning as much as $90,640 annually, according to the US Labor Bureau. Ultrasound Technicians, also known as Ultrasound Technologists or Sonogram Techs, use some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology available to aid doctors in analyzing health conditions, detecting pregnancy and performing other valuable medical services.

Ultrasound Technician Schools is an online resource for students and professionals in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Ultrasound Technology healthcare fields. Here you can find out about the Ultrasound Technician career path, including education and degree information, training and salary figures, and helpful employment information. Explore the links below to learn more, or use the school search by state to find an Ultrasound Technician School near you.

Ultrasound Tech Education

Ultrasound Technician schools and training programs are increasingly popular as more students choose a career path in Sonography.

With a variety of Ultrasound school specialties available, students can choose between abdominal, cardiographic, obstetric and other areas of Medical Sonography in order to build a specialty career.In this section: Here you’ll find helpful information about Ultrasound Technician training programs and education, including a list of recommended Ultrasound Tech schools.

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